• Woocommerce – remove tabs on the single product page
    This snippet allows to quickly remove the tabs area that contains the description, review, attributes and potentially custom tabs. This area is shown by default under the “add to cart” button on the single product page in a WooCommerce shop. Insert the code in functions.php […]
  • File Usage issue caused by WordPress W3 Total Cache
    Context Shared hosting service (Zuver) CPanel WordPress 5.3 W3 Total Cache plugin TDLR Website returns Http Error 503 the service is unavailable. Can’t access the WordPress Administration. From CPanel, File Usage reached its hard limit (250,000 files) From File Manager, removed directory “wp-content/cache” File Usage […]
  • Find out what application uses the port 8080 on Mac
    If you develop web applications on your local environment, you will notice that the port 8080 is often set as default. Most likely one day you will face a situation where 2 running web servers want to bind the same port: 8080. Obviously, this is […]
  • Replace Storefront Footer Credit
    In your child theme functions.php file, paste the below: Then replace [My Company Name] by the name of your company or whatever you want.
  • Free Software / Tool / Service to run a Small and Medium-sized Business
    It can be overwhelming to jump into the endeavour of creating a starting a new business and without knowing if your ideas will work. A critical role is to manage your cash flow and make sure the money is spent wisely. Nowadays, thanks to the […]
  • Final Cut Pro X – Delete a library
    How to delete a Library in FCPX? Open FCPX Right click on Library you want to delete Hit “Close Library” option Then go to Finder where is located your Library (by default it’s in the directorie Movies) Drag and drop the Library in the Trash […]
  • [WIP] The Best WordPress Plugins & Themes (No Affiliation)
    As a WordPress developer, I thought keeping an organized list of the best and worst plugins. Here is simply my feedback based on my experience with those plugins. This post hasn’t been affiliated by any of the plugin brands. Here is my Testing Environment for […]
  • WooCommerce – Change “Related Products” text
    This snippet allows to quickly change the “Related products” text which is shown by default at the bottom of a single product page in a WooCommerce shop. Check out on my test environment: Insert the code in functions.php of your child theme. Post context: […]
  • Receive/Send emails in Gmail from external email accounts
    If you have multiple email accounts (hotmail, icloud, etc.), you can receive all your emails in one spot, in your Gmail inbox. This document is a step-by-step guide to configure your Gmail as a webmail client. From a computer Receive emails from an external email […]